Here is yet another story about people who are too stupid for a life of crime.  These to rocket scientist decided to hold up a restaurant at the peak of lunch hour. The restaurant told the pair that he was just swamped and they would need to come back later.

Two men in Chicago attempted to rob a restaurant Sunday, but were told by the owner to come back when it was less busy. And they actually listened! Mario Garcia, 39, and Domingo Garcia-Hernandez, 28, initially showed up during the eatery’s peak business hours. The owner advised them to return when there were fewer customers so less people would be in danger. One of the men threatened the owner with a squirt gun that looked like a real firearm, but the two eventually left. As the owner suggested, the men did come back later – and by that time cops were on the scene to arrest them. They were each charged with attempted aggravated robbery…and for being really, really stupid.

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