Who says there is honor among thieves? Just ask David Greaves of Lancashire, England. While he was busy loading stolen loot in his car, another crook broke into his car and stole all his stolen stuff.


43-year-old David Greaves of Lancashire, England broke into a pub last month and stole two cash registers and two TVs .Well, David stole more than he could carry in one trip, so after loading his ill gotten gains into his car, he went back into the pub for more loot, but, as we all know, you just can't trust anyone anymore.

While David was refilling his burglar bag, some dishonest jerk broke into his car and stole all of David's stolen items. Justice was still not finished with David.

David got busted by the security camera while he was outside trying to figure out what happened to his stuff and the cops showed up and hauled his butt to jail. Meanwhile, they guy that stole all David's stolen stuff disappeared into the night.

By the way, David had stolen two cash registers and two TV's. Right now some crook is having the laugh of his life at David's expense.




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