Funny how drinking a bottle of wine can make even the worst idea seem like 'the thing to do.'

Okay, important safety tip; don't drink a whole bottle of wine and get a 'fun' idea.

Back in May, a 44-year-old stay-at-home mom in Australia named Simone Bruce was drinking too much wine, and watching the movie "Braveheart".

And she got SO into it, she decided to grab her son's sword, go out in the driveway, and reenact some of the battle scenes.

Now, it's not clear if the sword was REAL or if it was a toy.  But apparently it LOOKED real enough, because her neighbors came home in their car, got freaked out, and tried to drive off.

But by this point, Simone must have been REALLY into her reenactment . . . because she started CHASING the car, and actually hit the side of it with the sword. I'm sure the car was treated and released.

Apparently Simone was supposed to be on medication, but hadn't been taking it.  And the judge who heard the case decided to give her 18 months of probation and ban her from drinking for the time being.



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