I wonder if this is the guy who goes flying past the radio station on I-10 every morning.

The call them 'crotch rockets' and you rarely see the riders obeying the speed limit. When officers tried to stop him, he not only sped up, but began taunting the pursuing State Police.

And Oh, what happened then was rich.

27-year-old Phillip Hebert of Moss Bluff, was said to have been exceeding the speed limit when Calcasieu Sheriff's Office officers tried to pull whim over for speeding, but instead of stopping, Joe Cool decided to make a run for it because, as we all know, if you can outrun the cops you don't get a ticket.

The CPSO called in the Louisiana State Police and Hebert lead them on a chase hitting speeds up to 96 MPH in the 60 MPH zone. Authorities also say he was taunting them with 'hand gestures.'

It all came to an end when Hebert's bike ran out of gas in a residential area. No doubt that's when the very flattering picture in this post was taken.

Hebert was placed under arrest and was charged with reckless operation of a vehicle, resisting by flight, driving with a suspended license, no motorcycle endorsement, improper lane use, failure to register a vehicle, and failure to provide proof of insurance.  Hebert was booked into the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center.

I, for one, am amazed that there is not a special section in the obits every day dedicated to people who ride bikes in this manner. I know a lot of people who ride bikes and they resent the bad name they get from morons like Hebert.

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