Jeremiah Scales is not that bright to begin with. This rocket scientist was arrested recently for selling synthetic marijuana out of his house. 

How did he get busted? Read on and find out 'Why They Call it Dope!'


Jeremiah's neighbors had been suspicious for a while. They couldn't help but notice that there was a constant stream of people coming and going from Jeremiah's house. the neighbors wanted to call the cops, but they didn't have any proof . . . until they noticed the sign Jeremiah had posted out side his home.

The sign read, 'Drugs this Way' and even had an arrow pointing potential clients to his garage. Well, as luck would have it, in the normal world, that could be construed as evidence.

Well, the cops showed up and hauled his sorry butt and 6 of his 'clients' off to the lock-up. The capper to the story is this:

He just got off probation for selling pot.

And the moron of the week goes to...



Now he's in jail, and six other people were arrested too.  In January, he bragged on his Facebook page that he'd finally just gotten off probation.  It's not clear what he was on probation for.


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