dumb criminals

Mr. Cool Busted When His Motorcycle Runs Out of Gas
I wonder if this is the guy who goes flying past the radio station on I-10 every morning.
The call them 'crotch rockets' and you rarely see the riders obeying the speed limit. When officers tried to stop him, he not only sped up, but began taunting the pursuing State Police.
And Oh, what hap…
Dumb Criminal of the Week [VIDEO]
Yeah, it's only Monday and someone might come along and top this, but I doubt it.
Just deciding to blow up an ATM is pretty dumb, but standing right next to something you plan to blow up is poor planning at best.
Burglar Becomes Crime Victim
Who says there is honor among thieves? Just ask David Greaves of Lancashire, England. While he was busy loading stolen loot in his car, another crook broke into his car and stole all his stolen stuff.
Pit Bull Takes a Bite out of Ctiminal
I love stories where Karma bites someone on the butt right away, and this is a great one. It seems there was this 'Michael Vick' type who thought it was really fun to make Pitt Bulls fight. Well, this pet abuser got administered some instant justice when the cops raided his sorry butt.
Man Dresses as Woman to Steal Purses - Forgets Hair
The plan was perfect! 80-year-old Manuel Rodriguez decided that no one would look twice at a woman looking at purses. So, Manuel dressed as a woman, but the brilliant plan went South real fast when Rodiguez, who is, as we can all see in the picture, completely bald. It seems that Manuel forgot to ad…
Baggy Pants Robber Just Looks Stupid [VIDEO]
So, Joe Cool in his baggy pants (you know, the style that went out about 10 years ago, but some people didn't get the memo that it now just looks dumb) decides he needs a cell phone. Since working and saving money to have a cell phone isn't cool, he decides he's just going to take someone's phone.

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