I love stories where Karma bites someone on the butt right away, and this is a great one. It seems there was this 'Michael Vick' type who thought it was really fun to make Pitt Bulls fight. Well, this pet abuser got administered some instant justice when the cops raided his sorry butt.

I have to editorialize a bit here.

I hate that any dog breed gets a bad rap and very few dogs are as maligned as pit bulls. A mean dog is raised to be mean. It's the bad owners that need to be outlawed, not the dog. I have a friend that has a pit bull the size of a Buick, and it is one of the sweetest dogs you've ever seen. that's because the dog was raised to be a friend to the children. amazing how dogs can reflect the personalities of their owners.

Check out the INSTANT REVENGE one poor dog just got on a guy who was abusing him.

Early Saturday morning, sheriff's deputies in Florence County, South Carolina reported to the scene of a DOG FIGHT.  And they started arresting the eight men who were running it.

And when one of them tried to take off, one of the pit bulls he'd been forcing to fight got instant revenge by CHASING him and TAKING HIM DOWN.  Thanks to the pit bull, the police were able to catch up to the guy and arrest him.

The eight men range in age from 32 to 59 years old, they all live in Effingham or Florence, South Carolina, and they're all facing charges of animal fighting.

Most of the dogs got away in the chaos, including the pit bull who took out his abusive owner.  County services workers are trying to track them down.

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