So, Joe Cool in his baggy pants (you know, the style that went out about 10 years ago, but some people didn't get the memo that it now just looks dumb) decides he needs a cell phone. Since working and saving money to have a cell phone isn't cool, he decides he's just going to take someone's phone.

Now we have to factor in the moron-ocity (I made up the word so I can hyphenate it if I want) of stealing another person's cell phone since about 5 minutes after you steal it, the rightful owner can have it shut down.

Okay anyway, the super cool baggy pants turned out to be not the best wardrobe choice for stealing and running

"Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!"  A Brooklyn thief accused of stealing a woman’s cellphone this week was tripped up – literally – by his saggy pants. Joel Donaldson, 21, allegedly punched his victim in the face before taking off with her phone, but his quick getaway was hindered by the pair of low-riding blue jeans he was wearing. The pants kept slipping off as he ran and he was soon spotted by a police officer. Donaldson made one final effort to flee, but about a block later his pants were around his ankles and his hands were in cuffs.

And now, a long distance dedication. This one goes out to Joel Donaldson of Brooklyn --


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