In our family we tend to have rather sensitive skin as well as smell sensitivity to chemicals.  Often when we smell strong chemicals they will cause bad headaches that can turn into migraines and then no one is happy.  We figured there must be an alternative to all those chemicals.  So my mom started using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning just about everything and she never got the dreaded headaches like before.

Now I clean just about everything with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and something, depending on the task at hand.  It's safe, it's inexpensive and it's effective...with no harmful chemicals. So here's a list 10 of my favorite wonders of hydrogen peroxide, the super cleaner..

1) Pour or spray over dirty areas in the tub and the sink.  Let it sit a few minutes and       cleaning will be much easier.

2) Hot water mixed with hydrogen peroxide will clean your floors beautifully.

3) Removes grit and grime and pesticides from produce

4) Just a drop or two can prevent plants from growing fungus

5) If you dip your feet in hydrogen peroxide to clean and brighten your toes and help keep foot fungus away.

6) Cleans countertops safely and easily

7)Helps clear up your skin by putting a little on a cotton ball and dabbing on pimples

8)Mixed with water and spray on hair before brushing brings out highlights.

9)removes stains from the fridge and cleans it beautifully and safely

10)mix with detergent and baking soda ...removes bad smells ...even skunk spray.