Is your water coming out of the tap looking like weak coffee? That's because the folks at the department of supplying water to us are flushing some of the systems in the area.

According to Russell Buckels of the Lake Charles Water Department:

"Most of the brown and discolored water is caused by iron and some manganese; it moves around in the systems as velocity increases and the water mains as people use more,"

While it's perfectly safe to drink, I'm certainly not going to be the first. It looks like we'll be seeing more of the brown H2O since the city plans to do some more flushing of the lines. The folks at the water department say that if you have continuous discolored water, you should contact them so they can flush the lines in your area some more.

In addition to the flushing, there is also a scheduled shut-down planned for this coming Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. That scheduled shut-down is the addition of another valve so that city water service can be extended to more residents.

Areas affected are Lake Street south from Heather Street to Oxford Court, Becky Lane, Archwood Street, Hampton Court, Oxford Court, Trinity Street, Chelsea Avenue, North and South Worthington Drive, North and South Yorkshire Circle, Worthington Boulevard, Richmond Circle, Remington Lane and Middlebrook Circle.