With the Zika Virus threat today and the fact that mosquitos are just plain annoying, what can we do to keep the little buggers away? Here's a great mosquito repellent that usually lasts about three months, and it smells good too. All it takes is:

Big bottle of blue, cheap mouthwash
3 cups of epsom salt
3 stale 12 cans of cheap beer

Mix these ingredients together until the epsom salt is dissolved. Spray around your yard and enjoy the mosquito free zone. That's all there is to it! It's safe around kids, pets, plants and flowers too.

So let's get out in the yard, cook out, plant some flowers, and breath the fresh air. Or let's just take the time to get out in the yard and enjoy the Springtime. And forget about the mosquitos, because they'll like the neighbors yard better.