Revealing Lips
We have all been warned since we were kids about the damage the sun can do to our skin. For many years now we have recognized the benefits of the all important sun screen when going outside.  We all know we should protect our eyes from the suns rays with really good sunglasses with UV protectio…
Mosquito Free Zone
Everyone loves a great picnic or tailgate party but sometimes, especially around here with so much rain, there are uninvited guest that can make any family event miserable.  Those unwanted guest come in the form of pesky little mosquitoes that can carry viruses and just plain make you miserable…
Clean just about everything with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and something, depending on the task at hand. So here's a list 10 of my favorite wonders of hydrogen peroxide.
Easy Fire Pit
With this gorgeous SWLA weather, warm in the daytime hours and cool at night, it's time to get busy in the yard.