Ah, mashed potatoes. Spaghetti! A cup of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Are you hungry yet? Well, all those foods have one thing in common; they are all on the list of America's favorite comfort foods.

While the actual dishes may vary, I guess comfort food is a universal thing, but I think Americans are more into it for some reason or another. Just what qualifies as comfort food may be a question of taste, but there are several dishes that come to mind when one thinks about comfort food.

For me, I tend to go strongly with the pastas. My mom used to make this amazing spaghetti dish that I later learned is called, "Cappellini Pomodoro." It's a fancy name for what would no doubt be a peasant dish. Basically what you have is pasta (angel hair, if you please) and stewed tomatoes with some basil and such added. It's a very simple dish, but it takes me back every time I eat it.

So, what would you say is your favorite comfort food?

Here's a very short poll. I've entered a few suggestions, but feel free to write in your own favorite!

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