This has been an interesting year for polls about Christmas. In an earlier poll, we asked you about your favorite Christmas song and you surprised me. I've taken the annual Christmas song poll for ages and, of course, "Please Come Home for Christmas" comes out on top every year. Imagine my surprise when "All I Want for Christmas is You" topped the poll. By the way, a few national polls also ranked the Vince Vance and the Valiants song as top in their polls as well.

When I decided to ask about which Christmas song drove you to the brink, I thought I would provided a few sure-fire suggestions. I just knew the winner would be "The Chipmunk Song" or perhaps one of the many versions of the "12 Days of Christmas" would take the honors. Boy, was I wrong!

Granted, the two aforementioned songs got plenty of votes as did "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." No surprises there at all. The maudlin "Christmas Shoes" by the almost unknown group New Song garnered a vote or two. I hadn't thought of that song because it's not really even on my radar. I have to say that I never cared for songs that were written for the sole purpose of massaging one's tear ducts.

The big surprise was the actual "winner" of the poll. As it runs out, the Christmas song that drives people crazy is none other than, "Last Christmas" by Taylor Swift!  I never thought of that as particularly irritating especially if one compares it to some of the songs on the poll, but I will say that Swift's version of the song is totally unnecessary. I don't know that the 1984 Christmas song from Wham needed to be re-made, but if you follow that line of thinking too far we would be playing about 15 Christmas sings.

Maybe next year,I'll do a poll of Christmas songs that didn't need to be remade. That would be quite a list!



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