I guess favorite Christmas songs are like opinions; everybody has one. It's that song you've just got to hear before you feel that the Christmas season has actually begun. It's funny how a simple song can trigger such feelings, but that's part of the magic of music, isn't it?

On November 22nd, at 6 p.m., 92-9 The Lake is going to go "All Christmas 'til Christmas" and we want you to help us out by telling us which songs to play. Of course, the song that gets the most votes will be the first one played when we make the switch to Christmas music.

In this poll, we've made a few suggestions based on the voting from years past. Of course, the all-time champ for "favorite Christmas song" is "Please Come Home for Christmas" by Charles Brown. That song has one every Christmas poll for the past several years.

Get ready to get into the Christmas mood on November 22nd at 6.p.m. and tell us what to play first.

Here's the poll. Feel free to write in your own choice


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