Here's one of those holiday issues that, if not handled properly, can lead to big disagreements in the family: When is the right time to decorate for Christmas?

In my family, it was always within a few days of Thanksgiving. Sometimes, we would put up the tree et al. on the day after Thanksgiving. For my money, you can't put up decorations too soon.

Over the years, as I've been exposed to other people's Christmas customs, I've discovered that my family's way of doing things was not so universal. The issue of when to decorate can be a contentious issue. It's not as much of a hot issue as "when do you open presents", but it can cause friction when one person in the household is a Christmas elf, and the other is a Scrooge.

As always, we want to know how you handle the issue of when to decorate. We've provided a few stock answers, but you'll also find a space to put in your own response.

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