Ah, are we not surrounded by good news? The stock market is booming, jobs are being saved and created and now, on top of it all, the LSU AG center has announced it's prediction for the 2017 crawfish season, and they say it's looking good! Perhaps not as good as last year according to Aquaculture Specialist Mark Shirley, but still, a very good year ahead. According to Shirley:

"... the ponds look in pretty good shape. As far as the rest of the season, there’s going to be a lot of crawfish available for people to enjoy.”

Shirley went on to say that a lot depends on the weather from here on out and that warmer temperatures would be helpful. At least for now, we certainly seem to be having a very warm winter. Looking at the long range forecast, we're predicted to contimue to have warmer days for the next 10 days.

When it comes to the price of crawfish this season, Shirley says that we can expect some higher prices early on in the season, but the price will drop depending on the good old law of supply and demand.

Not that Shirley has to sell anyone in Louisiana on the great wonder of mud bugs, but he did point out that:

“Crawfish are still at good deal compared to going out and getting a steak or even fried chicken, it’s still worth it to go out and get some good Louisiana crawfish.”

A good crawfish season on top of everything else? Stop! That's too much winning!


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