wanted to know what was the worst tasting thing in the world to eat, so they went to a team of experts in the field of things like aroma and flavor and put the question to them. Here are the top 7 answers.

1.  Sheep brains.

2.  Walrus fat that's been buried underground for months to ferment.  Apparently some native people in Alaska eat that.

3.  Brussels sprouts.

4.  Vegemite.

5.  Natto, which is a Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans.

6.  Endive.

7.  Black licorice.

As we can all plainly see, "sheep's brains" topped the list. While I've never tasted sheep's brains, I have had some pretty adventurous meals. One year, while on a camping trip, we decided to roast a pig on a spit. We cooked it all day and when dinner time rolled around, we dug in. We all ate our fill, but one member of the dinner party issued a challenge.

The challenger dared me to try something I've never tried before. He challenged me to eat an eyeball. Now, according to this guy, the eyeball is quite a delicacy in some countries and in keeping with the spirit of camping out, I should try one just to say I had done it. Well, for better or worse, that is a good enough reason for me, so I dug in. How did it taste? It tasted just like something I would try so I could say I had. The texture was revolting.

That little story leads me to our poll question

What is the worst thing you ever ate? I listed a few examples, but I'd like to know what you have tried that you will never try again!





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