It's about time we put the debate to bed of who has the best-tasting crawfish in SWLA with our new five-week poll to determine an official winner.

Daniel Scheer via YouTube
Daniel Scheer via YouTube

Crawfish Fun Fact: Did you know that the oldest fossil records show crawfish burrows in Australia from over 115 years ago? Crawfish farming didn't start to catch on until the 1960s and today Louisiana provides 70-90% of the crawfish consumed in the USA.

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Two weeks ago, we reached out to you on Facebook to get our Top 20 best-tasting crawfish places in SWLA. For the next five weeks, we'll be going from the Top 20 down to the Top 15, Top 10, and then we'll finally crown a winner after the Top 5 best-tasting crawfish places in SWLA are determined.

Last week Jett's Crawfish Drive-Thru in Rayne took the top spot in the Top 20 poll with 21% of the vote, followed closely by T-Jim's Seafood & Boil-N-Go in Sulphur with 18% of the vote.

Cast your vote below.  Next week we'll vote on the Top 10 best-tasting crawfish places in SWLA to whittle them down to the Top 5.

Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau/TSM)
Crawfish (Photo by Mike Soileau/TSM)

Eliminated From The Top 20:

#16 - T-Boy's Cajun Grill (Grand Lake)

#17 - Mud Bug's Crawfish (Leesville)

#18 - Richard's Boudin & Seafood (Sulphur)

#19 - Mr. Bill's Seafood Express (Lake Charles)

#20 - Koonce's Krawfish (Sulphur)

Congratulations to these local businesses for making the Top 20 Best-Tasting Crawfish In SWLA voted on by our listeners. It's a huge accomplishment and keep up the hard work serving SWLA delicious crawfish.

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