Yesterday we posted a story about a TV thief. He made off with a couple of big screens from Sam's. He got away but his picture has been featured on all local media including this web site. He is very popular now ... and very BUSTED!


Tony W. Gregg (a 40 year old man from Sulphur) has had his picture posted everywhere. I guess he did not realize that in 2014 stores have security cameras. He just strutted around like he owned the place. The only thing he did not do was look at the camera and smile. The CPSO sent out a release with pictures from the store's cameras. Those pictures were featured in stories that led to Tony's arrest. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office press release stated his arrest was due to a tip called into Crime Stoppers from someone who recognized Gregg from pictures of him captured from the store surveillance video.  The pictures were featured in the local media and on social media sites requesting assistance in identifying the man in the pictures.

Tony admitted to the TV theft. It's kind of hard to argue with video of the crime. So someone earned a few extra dollars and Tony is doing time.


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