Help Catch a Counterfeit Debit Card Thief
Your debit card has replaced cash if you are like most of us. It is how you pay for almost everything. Would you be upset if someone was using a counterfeit copy of it to shop with? Help us catch this thief!
Moss Bluff Dollar Store Purse Thief Busted
So you decide that you are at the point where you have to steal a purse to survive. Would you steal a purse from someone at a jewelry store or at a dollar store? My guess would be the jewelry store but I am not a thief.
TV Thief Busted Due to Media Coverage
Yesterday we posted a story about a TV thief. He made off with a couple of big screens from Sam's. He got away but his picture has been featured on all local media including this web site. He is very popular now ... and very BUSTED!