The Top Three Best Selling TVs to Prep for the Big Game
Are you ready for the big game? Have you been meaning to upgrade your family room TV? Or perhaps you're decking out your office or minibar and you've been needing a TV to really bring the room together? Either way, I have a list of Amazon's top three best selling TVs of varying types …
5 Worst Local TV Commercials [VIDEO]
I was talking with a friend yesterday about bad TV commercials.  There really are some terrible ones out there, but are they the worst?
This conversation led to a search for the worst of the worst and here's what I found.  These commercials epitomize everything bad about TV ads...
Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres & Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
Late night TV is truly a mystery to me.  Seriously.
For me, late night is around 8:30, so the only way I get to see the late night show shenanigans is to check YouTube the next morning.  And that's what I did.
Here's a great clip from Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres as they battle…
Dish Time?
Tonight the Saints take on the Panthers for first place in the division and unless you are a Dish subscriber you will not see the game. ​Would you become a Dish subscriber just for the NFL Network?

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