This is amazing.

Like so many of you, I too have hooked on the new series of "1000-Pound Sisters" on TLC.

For much of her life, Tammy Slaton has battled with her weight and other medical issues, but she recently committed to losing weight so that she could undergo bariatric surgery.

.Tammy nearly died recently and her family said in a recent episode of the show on TLC that she hit "rock bottom".

Her near-death experience may have been what ultimately saved her life and now Tammy is on the right track to losing weight.

In some recent photos that she posted on social media, you can see how much weight Tammy has lost, and she is now seen standing on her own, without the assistance of a walker.

While in rehab, Tammy met her husband Caleb Willingham, who many fans of the show do not approve of.

You can catch "1000-Pound Sisters" on TLC as it airs on Tuesday nights at 8 pm Central time.

Check out how far she's come in these recent photos.


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