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Radio is Good for You
Your good health is available without a prescription when you turn this radio station on every day. The longer you listen, the healthier you could be.
Weight Loss Numbers
We have such great food in Louisiana and the holidays only make it worse. How much weight do you have to lose before people think you look "good?"
Shiver Yourself Skinny
Let's face it, for Louisiana, it's been a pretty darn cold winter. We had two winter storms back to back and I'm pretty sure everyone is more than ready for warmer weather. Here's some good news about all this cold weather: You might actually lose weight! Here's why
Six Big Diet 'Myths'
Just about every 5 seconds, someone comes up with an 'amazing new diet breakthrough.' The problem with most of these 'amazing new diet breakthroughs' is that you don't lose weight, but the 'dietician's' wallet gets fatter. Real dieticians are quick to point out that there are just no miracle diets. Sorry to report that eating sensibly and exercising are still the only really safe ways to lose thos