It seems that everyone wants to lose weight before the holidays. I guess that's because we all tend to gain weight after the holidays. Of course there's the incentive going into the holidays because we all want to look good for all those holiday get togethers where the main feature is food. Food is the natural enemy of losing weight, of course.

Losing a few pounds may not be as difficult as you may think because now there is scientific evidence that supports the old theory that drinking a large glass of water before each meal can actually help you shed a few pounds in a relatively short amount of time.

According to an article on the website Science Daily, researchers at the University of Birmingham in England recently had people drink a pint of water 30 minutes before they had breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And in three months, they lost an average of nine-and-a-half POUNDS. That's a pretty healthy sized glass of water and if you're not sure quite how much that is, it translates to 16 ounces. You might feel pretty feel by the time you finish drinking the water, but, then again, that's kind of the point to the whole thing.

The article points out that, while drinking that much water before each meal can help you lose weight, don't think you can eat anything you want and be a couch potato and lose the 10 pounds. You still have to eat reasonable portions of the right foods and get some kind of exercise, but if you stick with it, you just might fit into those party clothes before food season.


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