I've got to lose some weight. There, I said it. I've been getting gradually more out of shape each month and all of a sudden I'm real concerned about losing the extra weight I've packed on over the past couple of years. Now, I don't know exactly how many pounds I have to lose, but I know it's double digits.

Have you ever wondered how many pounds you have to lose before you hear those great words from your friends, You know the ones I mean, "Man, you've really lost weight." Well, there's a new article at Today; Health and Wellness website that says that I've got to lose 9 pounds for anyone to even notice that I'm losing weight, but I've got to lose twice that amount before I look "better." That's the stats for a guy. The figure is different for women, of course.

Ladies, according to the same article, you have to lose 8 pounds for people to notice and 14 for people to say you look more attractive. Now, I know that most of us want to lose that extra weight around the middle, but do you know where weight loss shows up first?

According to the experts, the area of concern is your face. They say that only after the weight loss shows up in your face to people really sit up and take notice. According to the study<

They had people look at photos that were digitally altered to show gradual weight loss, then had them rate when it showed, and when it was attractive.

That breaking point was 18 pounds for guys and 14 pounds for women. That means I've really got my work cut out for me. It's hard enough to lose weight during the holidays, but losing weight in Louisiana is even harder because of all the great food we have down here.

So, while you may drop enough weight to squeeze into that Christmas outfit, it doesn't show up until you start losing in your face.

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