Just about every 5 seconds, someone comes up with an 'amazing new diet breakthrough.' The problem with most of these 'amazing new diet breakthroughs' is that you don't lose weight, but the 'dietician's' wallet gets fatter.

Real dieticians are quick to point out that there are just no miracle diets. Sorry to report that eating sensibly and exercising are still the only really safe ways to lose those pounds.

Still, there are a world of 'myths' out there regarding diets, so here are 6 of the big myths.

1.  I can't tell you how many times people have told me, 'Oh, you can't eat avocados, they're full of fat.'

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Well, yes and no. They do have fat in them. Good fat. Avocados, nuts and salmon. they're packed with good fats. Try an avocado sprinkled with Tex-Joy Steak Seasoning!


2. Here's one we hear all the time:  'Eat as few calories as possible.' Not true!  Cutting down on calories throws your body into "starvation mode".  Then your metabolism slows down.  Doctors say that if you cut out just 500 calories a day, and exercise, you'll drop one pound a week.

3.  Eat small, frequent meals to rev up your metabolism.  Actually, studies show that eating frequently might cause you to eat MORE.  And waiting hours between meals DOESN'T slow down your metabolism.

4.  Swear off "forbidden" foods.

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You might think that when you're dieting you can never have pizza, French fries, or sweets.  But the key is to eat them in moderation, so you prevent binges, which are worse.

5.  Avoid fruits and nuts.

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Planter's Nuts

This one is sort of a repeat of number one above and one that makes me crazy when I hear people pass it off as good diet information. Here's something to consider:

If it grows on a tree or from a plant and it's edible, chances are you can eat it without packing on pounds.

People think nuts are high in calories and fruits are full of sugar.  But studies found that people who eat nuts are smaller.  And obviously the sugar in fruit is the best kind . . . it's natural and unprocessed.

6.  Eat Raw Foods.


  The idea is that you burn more calories EATING raw food then they contain.  But experts say it's a myth, and eating raw food can actually SLOW your metabolism . . .or even break down muscle, in some cases.

If I might add one note. Losing weight is fine. Just never buy into the BIGGEST MYTH of ALL -- Skinny means healthy. It's just not true. No matter what kind of garbage we get from the mass media and from Hollywood, skinny does not equal healthy or beautiful and it never will.




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