SWLA has so much to offer when it comes to dating like amazing food, beautiful nature backdrops, and much more. But where are the best locations for a first date in SWLA? We'll answer that question today.

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Patrick's Best First Date Locations in SWLA:

5. Altitude Trampoline Park - Have a blast jumping in foam pits, playing dodge ball, and much more. A great, innocent first date.

4. Sam Houston Jones Park - Enjoy a picnic, a bike ride, rent a kayak, or feed the animals in the park, like deer and ducks.

3. Local Casinos - There are so many things to do on a first date here like eat, drink, gamble, or hit the beaches.

2. 121 Artisan Bistro - If you're looking for a more intimate setting for your first date, this is the place. A very nice atmosphere, and you can both create a brick oven pizzette together.

1. Lake Charles Carriages - Perfect for a cool night. Bring some hot chocolate and a blanket, and enjoy a peaceful ride through beautiful downtown Lake Charles.

Honorable Mention: Rikenjaks - Enjoy live music, trivia night, bingo, and great food.

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