Professional football officially kicks off their regular season action tomorrow with the Packers and Bears.

We thought it would be fun to Power Rank the teams of the two NFL divisions that are near and dear to people's hearts here in the Lake area.

This week, we're ranking the teams from the NFC South & NFC East divisions of the NFL. Just take drive here in SWLA, and you'll see several vehicles displaying stickers of their favorite NFL teams, namely the Saints and Cowboys.

Patrick's Power Rankings happens every Wednesday at 8:30am on Mikey O in the Morning.

Patrick's NFC South & NFC East Power Rankings:

5. Carolina Panthers

4. Atlanta Falcons

3. Dallas Cowboys

2. Philadelphia Eagles

1. New Orleans Saints

Honorable Mention: Washington Redskins

Next week, same radio station and time, we'll be power ranking hamburger joints all across SWLA. If you think your restaurant has an amazing burger, email me, and Patrick and I will come by to try your burger before this episode.

Who has the best burger? We'll dive into that next week!

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