One of the best things about Louisiana is our rich food culture, and today we focus on a Louisiana original...po-boys.

Wikipedia states:

The origin of the name is unknown. A popular local theory claims that "po' boy", as specifically referring to a type of sandwich, was coined in a New Orleans restaurant owned by Benny and Clovis Martin (originally from Raceland, Louisiana), former streetcar conductors. In 1929, during a four-month strike against the streetcar company, the Martin brothers served their former colleagues free sandwiches. The Martins' restaurant workers jokingly referred to the strikers as "poor boys", and soon the sandwiches themselves took on the name. In Louisiana dialect, this is naturally shortened to po' boy.

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We thought it would be fun to Power Rank one of Louisiana's most iconic foods.

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Patrick's Best Louisiana Po-Boys:

5. Buffi's Peaux Boys (Lake Charles)

4. Leonard's Food Quarters (Lake Charles)

3. Throwbacks (Westlake)

2. Pop's Po-Boys (Lafayette)

1. Darrell's (Lake Charles & Jennings)

Honorable Mention: Billadeaux's Cajun Kitchen (Lake Charles)

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