It may not be the most scientific of polls, but according to the poll we published yesterday asking if political correctness gone too far, the opinion here in the lake area is a resounding yes! I have to say that I'm am a bit surprised that not one single person voted "no" in this poll.

Now, after the poll was published yesterday, we had the news that there was a group that wants Louisiana celebrities memorialized with statues. While that is not a real bad idea, it is fraught with problems. One of those problems is finding a person with a pristine life that no one can question. The second problem is much more glaring and telling. The example this group of dissenters has presented as a possible subject for a Louisiana hero is Britney Spears!!

That suggestion is so stupid that it sticks in my throat to even say it. Britney Spears? Exactly what has she added to anyone's life? What has she done for anyone besides herself? Yet, this group wants to immortalize a semi-talented pop star with no moral compass! The thought of such a thing is reprehensible.

Well, enough of my soapboxing about this situation. Here is the obligatory pie chart of the results of our poll. I don't think we've ever had a unanimous poll before.


Poll Daddy
Poll Daddy

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