Unless your head is buried up to your shoulders in our sticky gumbo mud, then you know every day in the news there are shootings, car wrecks, and non-trauma cases where people fighting blood disorders, cancer and so on need blood to survive.

And if it’s you or your loved ones and friends it’s a calming feeling to know that should you need it, when you need it, blood to save your life is only a few steps away in the emergency trauma center or hospital you’re in.

But that blood has to come from someone else. Me and you.

I confess I’ve skipped a couple of ‘cycles’ recently, but a recent outcry from our local LifeShare has jogged my memory to do my duty to my fellow humans in need. Oh trust me, I hate needles – but helping out far outweighs the tiny momentary sting of the process.

The Southwest Louisiana LifeShare center has issued a bulletin that there is less than three days’ supply of blood which by their standards is the bottom of the barrel. (Pun intended) The situation at this moment is such that if more people don’t come forward and quickly, someone may suffer because blood won’t be available to save their lives. It might be someone you know… it might be you.

I’m A+ what are you? A donation takes about an hour (maybe a little less if you’re already a pre-registered regular donor) and a pint of whole blood can help as many as three people. If one hundred donations are made, 300 people may be helped.

Set up an appointment now by calling LifeShare at 337-436-4932, stop by the LifeShare bus if you see it out at a business someplace or the main office at 214 Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive in Lake Charles.

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