We'll be facing yet another freezing night and, while I'm sure most of us know the 4 Ps, I thought I'd re-post them. I'm not saying you forgot, but one of my neighbors awoke today to water gushing from one of his pipes. Our forecast is for another hard freeze tonight with the official Lake Area temperature dropping down to around 23 degrees.

With a hard freeze on the way again tonight, temperatures will begin to fall to below freeYou've no doubt, heard that it's not the heat; it's the humidity, well, in this case it's the cold plus how long it's going to stay cold that tells the tale. Forecasters are predicting that we will stay below freezing for up to about 16 hours and that means that, if you don't take care of things before tonight you could have some serious issues with the cold. zing after sunset and remain below freezing for 14 to 16 hours.

Just to review: The 4 Ps:

1. Bring your pets in for the night. Not only will the temperature be low, but the wind chill is expected to be in the teens.

2. Be sure and leave faucets dripping all night. If you have outdoor faucets, wrap them and leave the water trickling a bit.

3. As long as you're bringing in the pets, bring in whatever plants you can as well. If you can't get them indoors at least cover them so that the frost doesn't do it's damage.

4. People - This one is pretty obvious, but take it a step further. Be sure to check on your neighbors as well. this is especially important if you have elderly or disabled neighbors. Make sure all the sources of heat you use are safe and well attended.

Obviously, fire pits and such are not for indoor use, but every year, people die from trying to use a fire pit in the house.

Yeah, it's all common sense, but we all have a tendency to downplay the dangers of cold weather. Keep an eye on each other.

Stay warm




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