I've noticed something about myself lately. While I love these life hacks, I seldom use them. I'll sit and watch one of these "life hack" videos and think to myself that I'm going to try that hack as soon as I get home.By the time I've finished watching the video, I've already forgotten most of the hacks.

Yeah, I know I could go back and watch again; it's just that I'm not a "go back" kind of guy. Still I have good intentions when it comes to the life hacks, I just can't seem to find a time to use a lot of them. It seems that every time I find a cool hack, I don't find myself in a position of needing that hack until so much time has passed that I've forgotten the idea completely.

There are some grat hacks in this video. I hope to use some of them someday. There's some great stuff about how to make a spoon out of a pudding cup top. You'll learn to open a soft drink by using an eyelash curler. If that doesn't interest you, how about a tip on how to remove a key from a key ring with out destroying a fingernail? Yeah, I know you want to know how to do that. I'll never use it, but I know how to do it after watching this video.

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