I guess the only way to open this story is to say that, "My, how times have changed." Remember many years ago, there was the unisex trend in clothing. The whole idea was to be as androgynous as possible. Well, needless to say, that little fashion trend didn't really catch on.

Well, they took a poll and asked a group of men what girly things do they wish men could do and not get judged. The answers are all pretty logical, too. I mean they make sense.

Here is a partial list:

1. Men would like to be able to wear something like a dress or skirt when it's really hot. Now, it's no secret that I sometimes wear a kilt to special functions like ST. Patrick's day and such. Let me pass along a bit of information to you, guys. It's comfortable as hell. Let's make kilts for de rigueur for hot weather.

2. Some men surveyed said that they wish they could wear panty hose of legging when the weather is cold. I've never tried either one, but women will attest to the fact that it helps beat the cold.

3.  Jewelry was a big subject in this study. More and more men are saying they want to wear more jewelry. men especially like the idea of big rings and stones like turquoise.

4. When it comes to drinks, men can r3eally be limited in their selections. Let's face it guys, if you order a fancy drink in a bar, you're going to get grief. Breaking the rules of the "man code" can lead to endless teasing. Mostly from guys who wish they had the nerve to order such a drink.

5. Men wish they could carry some kind of purse or carrying bag. I've seen a lot of men carrying bags of various sorts, but most of them are designed to look like a briefcase. I worked with a guy years ago who carried a man purse. All he ever kept in it was a .357 magnum, but there you have it. Most guys would admit that it sure would be convenient to be able to carry all the stuff we need in a bag of some kind.

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