And Now -- A Very Drunk Raccoon [VIDEO]
There's not a heck of a lot I can say about this video that the headline doesn't explain. this video takes place in a liquor warehouse and evidently a stray raccoon found it's way into the main storeroom.
Be Nice to Bigfoot And Other Weird Laws
You have all seen the commercials where the two guys are messing with Bigfoot. Did you know that was against the law in Washington state? Here are 10 of the strangest laws still on the books in the US? Did you know after the age of 65 that first cousins can legally get married in Utah? You'll b…
Drunken Florida Man Has Best Mug Shot Ever
Since no one takes a pretty mug shot, why not make it a memorable one? That seems to have been the line of thought for a man from Florida (of course) who channeled Gene Simmons as officers held his head in place to take his booking photo.