Does your teen spend a lot of time in the bathroom? Well, it could be that they're getting drunk on, of all things, laxatives. No, it's not a set-up for a punch line, it's a real thing and you can buy this product over-the-counter at CVS.

Now, the folks at CVS are concerned about this so they're limiting the amount of this laxative that can be bought by people under 21. They haven't reached the point yet where they are asking for I.D., but they are telling their clerks to keep a close eye on teens buying the product and restrict them to one bottle. Now, what the deal that makes this laxative get you drunk?

Well, according to an article in The Consumerist, the laxative in question is nothing but 40 proof alcohol mixed with water. Sort of like Scotch and water, if you will. It's a homeopathic product so there is no legal limit to how much one can buy.

Teens have discovered this loophole and, all over the country, they are using the laxative like Jack Daniels. Just a word of caution here. If your teen stays in the bathroom day and night and sings a lot, you might want to make sure they aren't just raiding the medicine chest!

Here's the complete article from The Consumerist.


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