Now, this is a weird story and, of course, it's from our great state. It seems that Shreveport Mayor Lorenz Walker didn't want to have to fire a valuable city employee, so he kind of "modified" a law about sobriety and working.

Mayor Lorenz was faced with firing a city worker who had an accident on the job, and that worker admitted that he had been out drinking the night before the accident. The worker in question had a blood alcohol content of .02%. Well, rather than fire the worker, the mayor changed the rules about working with alcohol in your system. He then made the new rule retroactive, so as to save the workers job!

Now, if you work for the City of Shreveport, it's okay to have a blood alcohol content of as much as .04%. That ruling is not going over real big with the Shreveport City Council and it's really not a hit with MADD! One councilman has introduced an ordinance that would overturn the new rule, but for now, it stands as is.

That City Councilman, Don Williams, says that there have been several instances of alcohol-related accidents among city workers, and that the rule is a "pattern" of behavior for mayor Walker. I'm sure this story will play out over the next few months as mayor Walker and concerned citizens battle it out.

How can you live in Shreveport and not drink?



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