Big trucks and buses may be required to slow down of Baton Rouge lawmaker Steve Carter's bill passes. The bill in question would require those oversized vehicles and buses to travel at least 10mph below the speed limit. Needless to say, the bill has it's supporters and detractors.

According to Carter, the bill, if passed,would help reduce the traqffic accidents and fatalities around the state. Part of the input for Carter's bill came from a study conducted by LSU. That study shows that, when speed limits are reduced for big trucks and buses, accidents decrease. The study also points out other factors that result in fewer accidents. Carter says the study also says that the condition of the pavement is also a major factor when it comes to accidents.

According to lake Charles truck driver Justin Lewis:

"It honestly is not going to affect me; I would rather drive safer anyway. I'm still going to get my job done, regardless,"

Currently, there are 6 states with similar laws and critics say that the slower moving trucks and buses cause more problems, so there is a bit of controversy regarding the proposed bill.



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