Now, I've been asked to do a few things for charity, and, for the most part, it's all been fairly tame. I mean, I've played some donkey basketball a time or two. I once broadcast from a car being suspended in the air and I've even been in the circus for charity, but the DeRidder Police Department is asking one of it's own to take one for the team.

It's not even summer yet, but the folks at the DeRidder P.D. aren't waiting until the last minute when it comes to their annual toy drive for Christmas. Now, I know how these guys are about their toy drive and they take it seriously. It means a lot to the men and women that all the kids possible get something for Christmas. One of the guys from the ranks is willing to do something pretty special.

Officer of the Year, Cpl. Kristopher Pruitt is going to put it on the line for the kids this year by volunteering to get tased by the person who buys the winning raffle ticket. Now, raffle tickets are only $5, but you can get 5 for $20. If you hold the winning ticket, you'll get to tase Cpl. Pruett. I don't think I'd care much for that, but it's for kids, right?

I spoke with the folks at the DeRidder P.D. and, right now, the only way to get a raffle ticket is to visit the DeRidder Police Department at 200 South Jefferson in DeRidder.

The actual "shocking" of Cpl. Pruett will take place this Saturday, so get your tickets now!






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