From the time we moved into this building (about 15 years ago) we were under the impression that, due to the proposed I-10 re routing, that we would have been in a new building by now. From the time this building was planned until today, it was kind of understood that the interstate would pass right through what is now my office.

None of the folks who designed this building are still around and, I'm sure they would be embarrassed to have it pointed out that, despite all their great plans and such, they forgot to put a sign on the building letting people know what company occupies this building.

Well, a couple of weeks ago they delivered the gant monolith in the picture and, this weekend, they super charged it with lights that do all sorts of fancy stuff. Actually, it reminds me of those color wheels people used to use with aluminum Christmas trees.

Still in all, it looks pretty sweet there in the dark. Now when you win something you won't have trouble finding the building. Just look for the giant Townsquare Monolith. Despite the way it may look, there really is no one buried there.


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