Battle lines are being drawn over the passenger who was removed from a United Airlines flight. Most people are siding with the passenger, but, there are people who have dug up some dirt on the man, David Dao. While Dao really is a doctor, you might say he has a skeleton or two in his closet.

It seems that Dao lost his license to practice medicine back in 2004 for doing some kind of funny business with a patient's prescription for pain meds. Rumor also has it that, in exchange for the painkillers, Dao expected sexual favors from the man in exchange for the prescription.

Dao got his medical license back in 2015, but problems still seem to dog him. Medical records indicate that he has some mental disorders and suffers from a mood disorder. All that combined could have caused Dao to over react to being asked to give up his seat on the flight, then again he could have just been upset with just how unfair the whole thing was on the part of United Airlines.

Funny or Die wasted no time in getting an "alternative" TV ad for the beleaguered airline



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