I've never tried to ski, but I have a feeling that, if I did, I would somewhat resemble the guy in this video. It's not that I would be drinking. I just have a feeling I'd look this guy just carrying my skis.Now, skiing can be a very dangerous sport and when you combine that sport with booze, all manner of things can happen. I'm pretty sure that I would look like the guy in the video especially of Jameson is added to the mix.

The guy in the video may not realize just how lucky he is that he can't get up and head down a steep slope. I'm also sure he had one hell of a headache the next day, but at least it wasn't brought on by slamming into a pine tree.

Now, I know that some Louisiana folks like to head to ski areas for Mardi Gras and we should let this video serve as a cautionary tale of just what can happen if you combine booze and skis.



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