Unless you've been away from mass media for the last few decades, you will remember the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine failed a drug test because she had been eating poppy seed rolls. Well, that particular way to fail a drug test isn't on this list, but there are plenty more ways to flunk.

While the Seinfeld episode was funny, three's nothing funny about flunking a drug test, especially if you haven't been doing any drugs. Live Science and Medical Daily just recently published an article about drug testing and, in that piece, they pointed out a few things that could cause a person to fail a drug test. Some of them are pretty surprising.

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1. Tonic Water - Yeah, you know. the kind of tonic water you have in a gin and tonic. Well, most people know that tonic water contains quinine. I didn't know this, but quinine is sometimes mixed with street drugs for some reason or other and, if you've had even one gin and tonic, the quinine is going to show up on the test and could raise some eyebrows.

2. Cold Meds - This one is not really such a surprise. Since 2010, it's been well known that certain types of cold meds, especially decongestants can cause you to test positive for meth. Now, I'd call that pretty serious. By the way, some antibiotics have been known to show up as positive for heroin! If you have to do a drug test and have a cold, you might want to give them a big heads up.

3. Ibuprofen - That pain killer you took last night for a headache can show up on a drug test as positive for pot. The article suggests that, if you know you are going to be tested, simply take aspirin or Tylenol in stead of any for of Ibuprofen like Advil.

4. Baby Soap - This is a weird one and all the research isn't in on it yet, but a study conducted back in 2012 found that certain types of baby soap can show positive for marijuana. It seems that, sometimes, newborns are tested for drugs when it is suspected that the mother may be using drugs. It's all about protecting the baby at that point. Researchers haven't been able to pinpoint the exact reason, but it can show positive on a drug test.


The complete article is very interesting and you can read it HERE.






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