The President-Elect will be sworn in Friday, around lunchtime.  The temper tantrums, taunts and threats of the losing side of the election jumped the shark at the Golden Globes to the snickering of the world at-large but continues on en masse nonetheless.

The President-Elect will be sworn in Friday, around lunchtime.

Don’t the complainers know as citizen voters they already possess more power than the actual elected in our system?  For all the talk about term-limits, in the truest sense they're already in place!

Now in the headlines, comes a group of motorcyclists led by a self-described 'chainsaw artist' to ‘protect’ the inauguration from protesters who have vowed to do all they can to disrupt the peaceful transition of power this country is known for, since George Washington declined the opportunity to possess sole power and willfully and joyfully according to all I’ve ever read, stepped down after eight years of not being a monarch, but an executive. The Chief Executive.

White House On Lockdown After Shooting At U.S. Capitol
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And, by the way - you carbon-monoxide commandos, thank you but Washington D.C. has it's own police force, then there's the Maryland State Police, National Guard, White House and Capitol Police, certainly members of our Army and Navy will be on hand so there should be plenty of trained, properly led peacekeepers if the protesters get unruly. Oh, plus the uh.. Secret Service itself.

It goes both ways.  People whose candidate lost in prior years understood the power they still held. The beauty of our federal system is every two years legal citizen voters can exercise their individual power in the most powerfullest country and political system ever devised and the voters really can change things.

If you lost in 2008, you could effect change as early as 2010, again in 2012, 2014 and so on… and God willing on and on and on.

So – protesters with signs and motorcyclists led by a chainsaw artist this Friday.  Might have potential as a pay-per-view event.  Or on the other hand, can we just….

Give Peace a Chance?


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