A recent audit of the Beauregard Schools sales tax reserve fund shows only $29,000 remaining, when it’s board policy to keep $300K in the bank.

These sales tax funds are used to supplement teachers in June and December, the teachers depend on these funds and so the school board paid in December, already knowing the balance was low.  Board members paid believing that teachers depend on and look forward to the December 'Christmas Bonus' and rightly so.

Like Clark in Christmas Vacation, the teachers would have been sorely disappointed to get  a membership to a jelly-of-the-month club or worse, nothing, instead of that cash.

The diminished balance is due to falling sales tax revenues – in a related story  the DeRidder city council has urged the mayor to write state leaders to urge more laws requiring online sellers in an effort collect more sales tax for the district.

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In Health and Science News - Overuse of Social-Media has been linked to sleep disorders.  That's according to a post I read on Facebook at 3 AM.

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