Everybody wants to make more money, but sometimes, it's kind of hard to figure out just how to go about it. Well, New Yorker Magazine recently featured an article about how  to go about addressing the issue of a raise and what they suggest may surprise you.

According to the article, the best way to approach the subject is not the direct approach. Instead, the New York Magazine suggests that you use humor to make a joke about it. After you've made a joke about it, go for all the marbles and demand some crazy amount of money like a kazillion dollars. Sound kind of far fetched? Well,according to a 2011 study, the approach really works and people using this method averaged about 10% more money.

They even have a name for that approach and it's called "anchoring." basically, it's the technique of merely asking for more money than you'd ever expect to get.  The funny thing is that, you'd think that asking for some silly big number would fail, but the same study suggests that you can even throw in some over-the-top figure and still walk away with a raise. The boss is a lot less likely to low ball you on the deal if you throw out a really big number first.

A 2011 study had a group of people interview for a job that paid just over $30,000 a year. The people applying for the job were told to ask for $100,000. The ploy worked and the average difference was about $5,000 more.

Conversely, the group that didn't go in and try the bit actually got about $5,000 less than those who used the technique.

Good luck! Before you can in and try this, you might want to read the entire article from the New York Magazine.

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