Now that's a confusing headline, I'll admit, but once you hear the back story on it, it all makes sense. According to, when you are dieting, don't assume that all those tempting 100 calorie cookies and energy bars are a healthy way to curb those hunger pangs.

One thing about dieting is picking the right things to eat when you feel hungry between meals. If you're actively dieting, you probably feel hungry all the tine and, while part of that may be psychological, you still need to deal with those feelings of hunger. A lot of us will reach for a so-called healthy snack like a small bag of pretzels or one of those many 100 calorie snacks that are on the grocery store shelves passed off as "healthy snacks", but don't fall for it.

As it turns out, those low calorie snack packs can cause your blood sugar to spike and, worst of all, can leaving you with a craving for carbohydrates. Instead of a snack pack grab and apple and a good protein like peanut butter or cheese. While those foods are a bit higher in calories, you'll actually feel fuller which is the name of the game. If you opt for the apple and peanut butter or cheese you also feel full longer and you won't be as apt to cheat on your diet.

The root source for this material comes from a great website called "Health" and you can read more about this tip and others on their sight.

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