How Its Made - Pringles
Pringles...they're just sooooo addictive.  I can't even have a can of them in the house or they'll be eaten in a matter of minutes.  Terrible.
But did you ever wonder how Pringles are made?  Wonder no further! This mesmerizing video shows the origin of your can of potato…
DIY Easy Big Game Snacks
This Sunday is it!  The big game...THE BIG GAME! What a better way to celebrate than with some great snacks & treats to eat while watching.  Check out these super easy, super tasty, super fun snacks for the Big Game!
British Taste Test American Snacks
I know I'm fascinated by snacks from other countries, but they never taste like what I think they should.  But what do they think when they try our snacks? Here's what the British think.

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