It was almost exactly a year ago that we were stuck by lightning and had to broadcast under emergency conditions and buy several thousands of dollars worth of new equipment. We also had folks come out and ground this place against future lightning strikes. I tell you all this just to say; when Mother Nature wants you, she's going to get you.

I was quietly having coffee with my daughter on Tuesday afternoon when I got a call that I needed to come back up to the station because The Lake was off the air. I had no idea why we would be off the air and I couldn't figure out why they would call me. My knowledge of electronics is restricted to the fact that electricity can shock your arse across the room, so don't mess with it.

Bottom line to this story can be summed up in the picture I used for this story. As you can plainly see, the cretisfram and the florjonmot are cooked and the step top hydrolic dynamo debostable boaster are also welded. into one piece.. At least that's what I hear when the engineer tries to tell me whats wrong.

We'll be back to "normal" as soon as possible. Thanks for listening and keeping up with us on our Facebook page!


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